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Jesus's Music Label is a christian music label where talented artists glorify the name of Jesus.

Initially, the label was called «JM Recordz» and was created in July 2019. The founder of the label is Mark Salikhov.

In August, the first artist enters the label — P3YM4N. Already in November, the debut of the Uzbek workshop leader Guzalya was planned, but the release was postponed indefinitely.

On January 27, 2020, the label changes its name to Jesus's Music Label and begins its rapid development. After joining a new artist — T. Svoyak, work begins on the label's debut on music venues.
February 2020 is becoming the most intense time, because 3 more artists are joining the label: on February 4 — SAVUL, later, on February 11, ImRoLy joins the ranks, and on February 26, KGIK becomes another participant.

Starting in March, the label will debut a series of tracks from its artists: on March 15, the track «Got down to Business» was released and on March 20, the second single of the label, which was the first for ImRoLy — «A City without a Hero«, was released.
In April, two more new singles are released: on April 3, the track «I need more than You» from KGIK is published, and on April 24, a new masterpiece of SAVUL is released — «My Ingredient».

In the summer, on June 26, the fit R3YM4N and Romero was released with the track «Lucky», which became the debut for Zhenya.
On July 6, 2020, a new artist, Jan Kmit, became part of the project.

On September 10, Jan Kmit's debut single «In Our Hearts» was released, in which Nastya Zelenskaya took part.
On September 11, 2020, KGIK's new album «Priesthood» was released, which consists of 12 tracks.
On November 8, 2020, the artist JML ImRoLy went into eternity after a sudden cardiac arrest.
On November 20, 2020, Sasha Chef's solo single «Give, Give, Give» is released.

On December 5, 2020, the track «Lead Me» from the group Inspiration WRSHP, founded by Denis Tsyatka, was released.
On December 25, an EP (mini-album) from Sasha Chef was released under the name «Christail».
On February 14, Sasha Chef, together with her daughter Emmy Chef, releases the single «God Likes it» in honor of her birthday.
On February 19, the group YOUTHURAL WORSHIP from Chelyabinsk joins the label with the track «You create everything new».
On February 25, Viacheslav Rybikov becomes a member of the label and releases the single «You are my Rock».

On March 5, two artists are released at once: Julija Neumann with the single «Non-random Love» and Zhenya Lektor with the track «Small Step».
On March 6, 2021, STEPH BLESS will make his debut on our label with the track «Kamo Gryadeshi».
The productive March continues, and on March 7, the new artist of the label — Tim-J releases the single «New Day», which is performed in Ukrainian.
On April 23, 2021, two tracks appear on the platforms at once: Max Lecht's «New Day» and Andrey Nikolaychik's «He Never played Love», in which Vitaly Efremochkin took part.
On April 30, 2021, the new artist VASYA KULIGAN releases the single «I'm coming to You, Dad».

The first summer release falls on July 16 with the track «HEAVEN IS CRYING» performed by Top Christian and HolyAvel.
«We are united by a common goal of popularizing russian christian music».
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