Julija Neumann is the first solo vocalist in Jesus ' Music Label, a Christian and a musician.

I was born in Riga, where I started studying music, but at first, it was a hobby. I studied at college, then at the institute and, although these directions were not connected with music, I took vocal lessons in parallel and studied myself.

As a teenager, Yulia came to God, started going to church, and then her formation as a musician and a creative person began. In the church, she learned to sing, work with musicians, feel the music, which soon resulted in writing her songs.

At the age of 24, Yulia got married and moved to Estonia, where she works and develops her creativity.

Julia Neumann is a creative pseudonym. The first track under this name was released in the fall of 2020 and is joint work with the artist and sound producer Tim-J. And in March of this year, another of their joint work is published called «Non-Random Love».
Julija Neumann
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