Tim-J or Artem Skorokhod was born in 1984 in the east of Ukraine.

He started his musical activity in adolescence, even then he was attracted to everything related to music and creativity. Since there was no opportunity to study at a music school, Artem began to study music himself: he learned to play guitar and keys, began to write arrangements for himself, and try to release tracks. At that time, there were no music venues — everything was in a circle of friends, and even in a small city.

Tim-J entered the acting faculty and graduated with the specialty «theater and film actor» while continuing to study music.

A short time later, Tim and his friends organize the band Rema-X, with whom they have jointly released several successful albums.

Under the pseudonym Tim-J, Artem has released three albums and continues to release singles.

In addition to the fact that Artem develops as an artist, he is also a producer of both secular and Christian performers and does production based on the studio «WOW Records», the founder of which is Artem himself.
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