Jan was born in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine, in a large family. The whole family of Jan is musicians, so at the age of 4, his parents sent him to a music school.

The decision to connect his life with music led him to the fact that now it is not just his hobby, but also his main income. At the moment, he lives in Minsk, where he is engaged not only in promoting Christian music but also writes arrangements outside the walls of the church.

Jan Kmit became part of the label on July 6, 2020, and on September 10, the debut single «In Our Hearts» was released, in which Nastya Zelenskaya took part. The idea of creating the track was born during the protest marches in Belarus, and, burning with desire, together with Nastya, they recorded, as of Jan himself says, the track of hope and faith.

And on October 2, the solo track «Submarine» was released, where Jan calls for action in the chorus despite the lack of strength.
Ян Кмит
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